Diving at Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake Dive Locations

Table Rock Lake attracts scuba divers from all over the Midwest because of its wide variety of interesting dive sites and above average water conditions. Lake visibility is usually best in the spring but remains very good by lake standards through September. Water temperatures peak at 85º F on the surface in the summer and average about 60º F at depths below 30 ft. The following are just a few of our favorite dive sites. All sites are close to State Park Dive Shop and easily accessible by our rental dive boats.
Breezy Point

Located 1 mile south of the Marina. A nice vertical drop-off with some shallow ledges and interesting rock overhangs. This is a popular spot for boaters and cliff jumpers, so, keep an eye out for lost stuff!

The Saddle

Adjacent to Breezy Point. This underwater ridge starts at Breezy Point and continues east across the main channel at depths approaching 90 ft. The ridge is narrow in spots with visible drop-offs on either side. Topographically unique and visually stunning.

Spoonbill Bluff

Named for the spoonbill or paddlefish which inhabit the site. This site is located north of Point 2 on the west side of the White River channel. See flat rock “tables” and find the nice shallow rock slope with trees for good fish-watching cover. Fish are spotted at 35–45 ft. Max depth is 100 ft.

Zebulon Pike

Boat wreck dive. This 90 feet long, double-decked excursion boat lies in 75–95 feet of water. Find the guideline at 15 feet near shore and follow it down to the boat. A fun dive for more experienced divers. Take a light along with you.

The Enchanted Forest

This site is a rock bluff about 1–2 miles north of the dam. Descend to 65–80 feet and find yourself at the base of a grove of large moss-covered oak trees, some of which break the surface. The silhouettes of the trees against the ambient light above produces a beautiful visual effect. Lots of fish at around 15 feet along the ledge which extends from shoreline about 20 feet. A must-see dive site!

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Dick Dalager

Dick Dalager

Dive Instructor Trainer
SSI Platinum Class Instructor

This spring will be Diver Dick Dalager’s 19th year teaching scuba on Table Rock Lake. Dive classes start in early spring.

Call 888.993.BOAT and talk to Diver Dick for details.

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